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Lately, my sister and I had become Spyair fans! we really love that opening song of the anime Haikyu, that's why we searched for the other songs they've made..and liked them a lot!!! <3

tegoshi on itteq sp shuffle 2014

Tegoshi is really fine with doing those kind of things and still looks cute!!
I like it when Tegoshi is really game on doing it !! <3

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If only I could go to News concerts ,
then that would make me Happier.
because their songs are really good
I really Love these Idols!

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Neko Chudoku

just watching Tegomasus preview pv -neko chudoku made my energy levels super high again , I was really laughing hard on their Adorable Cutenessss!!!!!!!!!  
I think their pv will really be Awesome!!!
LOVE Ittttttt!!!!!!

You know lately I really felt that my energy was super drained and I was tired but because of this....I can laugh hard again....cute!   kawaiii!

massu as chiba

i've heard that massu will do a dark role in his butai ....good luck massu!!
Btw i can't put color to the letters..but i really want to make my journal colourful,i'll just edit this when it's fixed
tegoshi looks so dazzling in the rain! what a pretty girl lol
it really is a good watch love the movie so much !
all of the casts are convincing
I WISH that TEGO would HAVE a LEAD ROLE AGAIN because
he gives his best always,right?
that rumor about tego ???reading the comments on it in arama was really fun i really laughed on how the readers sees tegoshi in every part of his body lol
but how about massu -- i don't
hear any rumors about him yet why is he too careful --so mysterious --makes me more curious lol haha!!
i think that news new pv is good, i really liked the preview!!
it is really cool!!<3
daisuke san is super funny in the nov 18th episode of itteq
the way he's doing that festival made me laugh because he looked pitiful and hilarious at the same time---but for a person in his 40's i think he's strong
really looking forward to the
upcoming 4-hour SP<3
next itteq episode will be the festival trio again
-- daisuke , uchimura and tegoshi kun..
they're really fun to watch ever since their first festival together <3
I'm really excited to watch it!

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